Incredible Hulk and Bruce Banner

21 Sep

I recently watched some Incredible Hulk TV episodes (1996). In the series Hulk hates puny Bruce Banner and and Bruce does experiments to get rid of the green monster from him. Although Bruce was a very intelligent scientist compared to unwise hulk, every time his experiments was unsuccessful and he becomes the Hulk. but it is obvious that, without hulk Bruce Banner does not exist.

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  1. Bernice M. Woodard

    January 5, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    The Incredible Hulk vol. 4 began in October 2011, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Marc Silvestri . At the start of this new series, Hulk and Banner have somehow become separate entities. The Hulk has been living as a hunter for an underground tribe of Moloids in Subterranea while Banner has become a deranged scientist living on an island and conducting experiments to try to re-trigger his transformations into the Hulk. When Hulk works with the MAD Squad to stop Bruce Banner, a flashback reveals that Doctor Doom was responsible for performing different surgeries that separated Hulk from Bruce Banner. The storyline concludes with Banner being destroyed in the blast from his new gamma bomb, but the Hulk’s close proximity to Banner when the explosion occurred resulted in Hulk and Banner becoming one being once more, with their previous existence reversed; now Hulk is the ‘dominant’ personality, reverting into the criminally insane Banner when he becomes too calm.


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